Automatic Generator Starter and Transfer Switch

This Automatic Generator Starter system has been specifically designed to be retrofitted to your existing generator or to be installed on a new generator. This system will provide you with a fully automated generator system at a fraction of the cost of the current automatic generator systems elsewhere on the market. This system further cuts down your costs on big battery banks for your UPS, as this system only needs a few minutes of battery backup to ensure uninterrupted power. By using this system, your UPS Batteries will have a much longer lifespan as they are not constantly charging and discharging, as this generator system takes less than 2 minutes to start your generator.

The Modular design of the system means that you only need to purchase the components that your system currently lacks. These components include:

  • Starter and Sensing Module
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Battery and Battery charger
  • Automatic choke module
  • System Notification Module
  • UPS with capacity to support load during transition from mains to generator power (typically 2 minutes maximum)

Price of the system from R5999.00 **

Key Features:

  • Designed for small to medium sized businesses and home users
  • Suitable for all generators with an electric starter motor
  • Option to install automatic choke system for generators without an automatic choke
  • Notification system which will email/sms you when the mains fails and returns, generator starts and stops, as well as a generator failure
  • Allows for a reduction of UPS Battery Capacity. Only around 2 minutes of Battery Power is required with this system.


  • This system allows for constant power throughout load shedding without the need for a large UPS and Battery pack at a fraction of the capital and maintenance cost.
  • No need to plan your day around your load shedding slot.
  • Modular Design means that you only pay for the components that you need

*Please note, the setup of the system in this video is not necessarily the final design. The product can be installed in such a way to meet the aesthetic needs of the user.

**This is the entry level pricing which includes the Starter and Sensing Module, Automatic transfer switch, Battery and Battery charger only.